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To book contact Rebecca: 01539 232794 / 07855 390680.

- Pilates bookings are usually 6 week blocks, at £42 for a block (working out at £7 per session - except Tuesday 5pm class which is £6 per session). 

- Yoga bookings are usually 6 week blocks, at £48 for a block (working out at £8 per session). 

- You can 'Drop-In' but please book first as classes are often full. Prices are 50 min class £9, 1 hour class £10, 1.5 hour class £12

- Kundalini Yoga classes are £12 for 1.5 hour classes, £10 for 1 hour classes.

- One to One private Pilates or Yoga sessions start at £35.

If you miss a session, then please let me know in advance as it is very useful to have the correct number of mats spread for each class.  If you do miss a class then I recommend you attend one of the other classes within that same block booking so that you do not need to miss out.  If you are unable to do that then it is fine for a friend to take your place in the class you are missing.  All this depends upon availability in the class. You cannot carry missed sessions over through to the next block.

It is important to disclose any medical or physical condition that may effect you in exercise, so that the correct advice can be given to you before joining the class.  In some instances it may be more beneficial for you to have a one to one session.


"I was new to pilates, having always done high impact exercise,but I have always struggled with my flexibility.  Rebecca has been brilliant, I have thoroughly enjoyed every session.  My flexibility has improved and I feel much stronger.  My body is also more toned than before." 

Gem Wilkinson

"When I leave Rebecca's pilates class I feel taller, stronger, and forget all the stresses of the day.  It's sometimes tough, often a giggle and never gets boring.  If I hadn't started after my 2nd baby I'd hate to think what shape I'd be in now!"

Vicky Rushton

"Pilates’ a class I come way from feeling invigorated, stretched and alive.  It is an activity which it seems anyone can do, on all levels. Rebecca makes sure to explain clearly any movements and then makes sure they are carried out correctly, helping where necessary.  Rebecca is so friendly and welcoming which makes a lovely environment for each class, so much so I think I must try to do 2 a week instead of one."

Christine Harrison