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Pilates & Yoga Private Sessions

There is a lot to benefit from coming to a private session, they are especially good for those who; are new to Pilates/Yoga; have a specific injury/issue which requires more detailed attention to that from gained in a class session; can't make classes times and want a session to fit better around your day; have a specific purpose that can be better achieved from a personal session. 

Whatever your reason, together we go through a session that is tailored to your needs and ability.  A variety of suitable props are used in order to gain the most from your session.  As I am able to observe in detail your Pilates or Yoga practice becomes more refined and beneficial.


One to One
Venue: My Studio, Burneside - £35
Venue: Your Home - £45

One to Two
Venue: My Studio, Burneside - £45
Venue: Your Home - £55

Two people +
Venue: My Studio, Burneside - start at £45
Venue: Your Home - start at £55

+ Please note that if you live further than the Kendal / Windermere parameter then this charge may be slightly more


Sessions are 1 hour

General Advice -

For your first session we will complete a health enquiry, then after discussing what you want to gain from the session, I will put together a practice to suit.

No need to bring anything. Wear suitable clothing, layers for getting warmer and cooler and something stretchy/non restrictive is advisable. Exercises are done in either socks or bare feet.

It is important to disclose any medical or physical condition that may effect you in exercise, so that the correct advice can be given to you before joining the class.

Please contact Rebecca to book, on 01539 232794 / 07855 390680.

"I've trained with Rebecca for several years, taking her classes and also having one-on-one sessions. She is a talented teacher, very knowledgeable on all aspects of yoga. She's also a really lovely person to spend time with. She helped me enormously during my second pregnancy - I have got back into shape far more quickly than I did with my first child, which I put down to practicing yoga with Rebecca until a week or two before my baby was born."

Deborah Done