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LIVE online EVENING class timetable …

Monday 6-6.45pm Yoga

Monday 7-7.30pm Pilates


Tuesday 5-5.30pm Gentle Pilates

Tuesday 6-6.30pm Pilates

Wednesday 5.15-5.45pm Yin Yoga (bolster, block, cushion and/or blanket useful but not essential)

Wednesday 6-6.30pm Pilates

Thursday 5.30-6pm Pilates

Thursday 6.15-7pm Yoga


I will be online 10 minutes before the class, in between class and afterwards, if you’ve any questions, comments or just to share friendly hellos together. Classes are shorter than Studio classes due to them being at home where distractions are more likely, so you can ideally fit the whole session in and come multipe times per week.

Evening classes: £6 per week, unlimited attendance (recurring subscription)

Payment Option 1: Set up a bank Standing Order to Miss Rebecca Edwards for £6 weekly. 09-01-28 92985693 Ref: YourFullName
Payment Option 2: PayPal, click the 'Subscribe' button & follow PayPal instructions




40 Day Challenge…

Step into a practice which helps unveil the brightest version of yourself.

I invite you to join me on a 40 day Kundalini Yoga journey. We meet each morning to practice a Kriya sequence together which aims to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Kundalini Yoga is a particularly powerful practice during times of change and is an excellent way to instil positive habits into your 'ways' and 'days'.  It includes breathing, movement, mantra and meditation and can help to:

The 40 days allows us the time to really open our minds, find a willingness to dig in deep, notice shifts as they happen and unfold a new level of being. We get to practice as a unified group which is particularly special in this phase of separation.

"It was challenging to do at the start but now I can't envisage starting my day without it. I just love it. Just do it. You will love it too!" Holly

Starts Monday 4th May 2020
40 Day Kundalini Challenge:
£20 (Bank) or £23 (PayPal) one off payment
Monday to Friday: 7.15am (approx 30 mins) Class guided by Rebecca
Saturday to Sunday: Recorded 'live' sessions allowing flexibility to practice alone

Please note that for this class I will be wearing a bed head and scruffs, so don’t worry what you look like! But to get the most benefit you need to turn up DAILY – making a fixed commitment to yourself to get up, hit the video link and follow along, even if you’re still in pyjamas!

Pay by Bank Transfer £20 to Miss Rebecca Edwards 09-01-28  92985693

OR Click the PayPal button to pay £23

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Here’s sone feedback from those who've completed one:
"What a great challenge. I felt daunted having to get up at 7am every morning but the classes soon became the most interesting and motivating part of my day. I thought they were the perfect opportunity to set the right tone for and seize the day. I felt welcomed being a newcomer and Rebecca gave expert knowledge of the technique of Kundalini, thank you." Rob
"An enlightening invigorating and satisfying way to start the day." Christine

"Kundalini sessions with Rebecca have been amazing. The benefits are really showing, improvements to mind, body and spirit that carry you through every day. Can't wait for the next set." Shona

"At the beginning I thought it was impossible! However my mind seemed to grow stronger at the same pace as my body and my understanding, just by following Rebecca's lead in the Kriya. Now I can complete the complete thing INCLUDING a 3 minute plank. I'm just beginning to understand the value of repeating something and finding it to be new and different every time. I am at the beginning now..." Jan
"I am amazed how physically and mentally stronger I have become in these 40 days!" Angelika
"The morning Kriya has set me up perfectly every morning with a positive routine. My day now never fails to start on the right note and with that I can carry forward a balanced mind-set for the rest of the day. Aside from the great physical benefits the mental clarity is amazing. I love the power that mantra and chanting bring to the practice too." Emily
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 40 days. It has encouraged me to do a short 20 minute yoga routine before we start the Kriya together. I have found the challenge invigorating, challenging but a very clear and positive start to each day." Laura
"It leaves me feeling calm, collected and energised for the day ahead. Helps put my mind at east during these challenging times. It was challenging to do at the start but now I can't envisage starting my day without it. I just love it. Just do it. You will love it too!" Holly
"Committing to the 40 day challenge gave me the inner strength to cope with everything, gave structure to my day and uplifted my spirits." Christine
"Once we got into the routine it was really good, definitely feeling better for it." Bruce
"The Kundalini sessions have been the best bit of lockdown for me - a really good start to the day. I can't believe how much stronger my body feels. Big thanks to Rebecca for supporting us so well." Viv
"We loved the Kundalini Challenge. The lovely routine of getting up in the morning to friendly faces has been a life saver over the last few weeks. It has also allowed us to maintain body strength and flexibility. I love the mantras. We're definitely doing the next set." Hazel
"Being new to Kundalini Yoga and having not previously practiced yoga daily, I found the morning ritual helpful and the repeating the same kriya reassuring as well as testing. I look forward to experiencing the next one." Jenny
"I've loved the positive start to each day and feeling physically and mentally stronger." Helen
"I have thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca's 40 day challenge.  It starts the day with positivity and is the perfect antidote to the tension created from these uncertain times. I now feel stronger and more grounded." Fiona

"It has given me routine, a challenge and an opportunity each morning for a moment of calm and gratitude for all that I have to be thankful for....an excellent way to start each day, I have truly relished each morning and even enjoyed the 3 minute plank....albeit quite a wobbly one!" Jacqueline
WHAT WILL YOU SAY? I’d love to hear how you feel after accomplishing a 40 Day Kundalini Kriya, if you’ve never experienced it before then now is the perfect time to step bravely forward, to take responsibility for your future mental, physical and spiritual strength, health and endurance. 30 Minutes a day….click here to subscribe and join us on this wonderful collective journey to balanced wellbeing.