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The link to join the next class is further down this page....

How to access the live classes…

The live lessons will be held on the platform Zoom (www.zoom.us)

If using an iPad or mobile phone please download the Zoom app (for free) in advance to access Zoom.

Follow the purple link further down this page, which is an invitation to the live stream, with a class ID.  Download the Zoom programme (it’s free) when prompted. When prompted please do give access to your microphone AND camera (or video).

NB: You will not be able to join the class unless it is at the correct time (see timetable) as it is a live steam there will be no-one there if you try and logon earlier or later!

NB: I will see you all and hear you all but once class starts I shall MUTE everyone so I won't hear you, you'll just hear me.

TIP: I recommend you use a desktop or laptop if possible (the bigger the screen the better) so you have a better view of the class. 

To help you join, when you get to these windows here's what to do:


Select 'Open Link'

Select 'Join with Computer Audo' and wait for me to start the class. Make sure you have clicked 'Start Video' when you're in the class, so I can see you.


Here's the next class invite:

Please make sure you've joined and paid on the PayPal register button.

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40 Day Challenge

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