T: 07855 390680

LIVE & STUDIO class timetable …

Monday 6-6.45pm Yoga

Monday 7-7.30pm Pilates


Tuesday 4.45-5.30pm Gentle Pilates STUDIO

Tuesday 5.45-6.30pm Pilates STUDIO

Wednesday 5.15-5.45pm Yin Yoga (bolster, block, cushion and/or blanket useful but not essential)

Wednesday 6-6.30pm Pilates

Thursday 4-5pm Yoga STUDIO

Thursday 5.15-6pm Pilates STUDIO

Thursday 6.15-7.15pm Yoga STUDIO


BOOST YOUR PRACTICE come regularly

Online classes: £6 per week, unlimited attendance (recurring subscription)

Payment Option 1: Set up a bank Standing Order to Miss Rebecca Edwards for £6 weekly. 09-01-28 92985693 Ref: YourFullName
Payment Option 2: PayPal, click the 'Subscribe' button & follow PayPal instructions