T: 07855 390680

LIVE online EVENING class timetable …

Monday 6-6.45pm Yoga

Monday 7-7.30pm Pilates


Tuesday 5-5.30pm Gentle Pilates

Tuesday 6-6.30pm Pilates

Wednesday 5.15-5.45pm Yin Yoga (bolster, block, cushion and/or blanket useful but not essential)

Wednesday 6-6.30pm Pilates

Thursday 5.30-6pm Pilates

Thursday 6.15-7pm Yoga


I will be online 10 minutes before the class, in between class and afterwards, if you’ve any questions, comments or just to share friendly hellos together. Classes are shorter than Studio classes due to them being at home where distractions are more likely, so you can ideally fit the whole session in and come multipe times per week.

Evening classes: £6 per week, unlimited attendance (recurring subscription)

Payment Option 1: Set up a bank Standing Order to Miss Rebecca Edwards for £6 weekly. 09-01-28 92985693 Ref: YourFullName
Payment Option 2: PayPal, click the 'Subscribe' button & follow PayPal instructions