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20 Minute Tune Ups!
Free to those who are signed up for the Evening Classes

Pilates Alignment - Tuesday 21st April 5.35pm (between classes)
Advance Your Pilates Practice - Tuesday 28th April 5.35pm (between classes)


Kundalini Live Class
Sunday 19th April, 9am - 10.15am

Kundalini Yoga offers a potent combination of physical postures, breath work, kriya, meditation, and chanting. These sequences can lead us to break through negative patterns, detoxify the organs whilst stimulate digestion, circulation and the glandular systems. It harnesses the energy of the pranic life force, opening up the energy centers of the body to help you get in touch with your intuition, creativity and radiant vitality. Dedicated practice can help us meet the challenges of our lives with strength, clarity and compassion. 

£8 or whatever you can afford (paid by transfer)
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Meeting ID: 931 6221 3835


Pranayama, The Art Of Yogic Breathing
Sunday 26th April, 4pm - 5.15pm

Prepare for your day with a morning pranayama practice designed to clear the subtle channels of the body and great for clearing brain fog or fatigue.

We can take around 20,000 breaths each day, and each breath is influenced by our thoughts and emotions just as thoughts our emotions are influenced by the kind of breaths we take. Many of us breathe unconsciously, erratically and shallow, habits which can send stress signals to your mind and body or deplete us by neglecting this vital power.

The Sanskrit word Pranayama comes from the root words prana and ayama. Prana means ‘life force energy’ and ayama means ‘expansion or prolongation’ and yama ‘reign in or control.’ So the practice of pranayama could be described as to control the expansion of prana to help harmonises with the universal prana.

This session is included as part of the Spring Reset Day or can be joined on it's own without attending the Reset Day, if you're doing the Reset day then this price is already included.

£8 or whatever you can afford (paid by transfer)
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Meeting ID: 973-490-93399


Advanced Pilates Flow Class
Friday 1st May, 4pm-5pm

Joseph Pilates told us, 'Concentrate on correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly thus lose all the physical benefits' Pilates is a great way to exercise with power but precision.

This Class will help you to take your Pilates practice to the next level, encouraging you to dig deep and find the effort needed to progress your practice whilst maintaining integrity. I suggest you attend the 20 Minute Tune Up session 'Advance your Pilates Practice' on Tuesday 28th April 5.35pm as a stepping stone into this more Advanced class.

To join this class you should have been attending a moderate-advanced stage class regularly to ensure familiarity with the exercises in this flow style Pilates Class. 

£8 or whatever you can afford (paid by transfer)

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Meeting ID: 830 471 91647

For all classes/workshops it is important to disclose any medical or physical condition that may effect you in exercise, so that the correct advice can be given to you before joining the class. Those who have already filled out a paper medical disclosure in class are fine.