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How to access the live classes…

The live lessons will be held on the platform Zoom (www.zoom.us)

The details of the particular class you want to join are on my CLASS INVITE page.

You can join the meeting one of two ways:

Option 1
Download Zoom via this page Zoom.us and select 'Sign Up, It's FREE!' following the instructions.
Onve downloaded,
open Zoom (found in your 'Applications' folder or as a Zoom icon if on a phone) and select 'Join A Meeting'
Enter the Meeting ID (found on CLASS INVITE page) and your Zoom name, make sure all 3 boxes are ticked if you want to be seen and heard.
Click join, where
you will be placed in a 'Waiting Room' until I allow you access into class.

Option 2:
Click directly onto the URL link for the class via the CLASS INVITE page of my website, this is an invitation to the live stream. 

If you've not already download the Zoom programme you will be prompted to do so (it's free).

When prompted please do give access to your microphone AND camera (or video).

You will be placed in a 'Waiting Room' until I allow you access into class.


For Everyone:

NB: IF YOU ARE LATE, I will have already started teaching so will let you in but only when I notice on the screen that you are waiting, so be patient.

NB: I will see and hear you all but once class starts I shall MUTE everyone so I won't hear you, you'll just hear me.

NB: There are two options to view the class, Speaker View or Gallery View, I suggest speaker view then once class starts you'll see me as the main picture.

TIP: I recommend you use a desktop or laptop if possible (the bigger the screen the better) so you have a better view of the class. 

PLEASE: If you are playing music, have the TV on or just people chatting in the background, please mute your screen so everyone else doesn't have to hear it ;) x


If you have any questions/comments please send them, here are some I’ve already had: 

Will we all be able to see each other?

You will mainly see me as the ‘host’ on the screen, there is also a very small strip along the top of the screen where each person attending is shown, but this is small and the more people that join the less you can see. You do have the option to ‘hide’ yourself and just your name will be shown.

Will we hear each other?

I have the controls being the ‘host’. I shall set the audio so that for the 10minutes before class we can chat, then once we start I will ‘mute’ everyone so that only my speaker is on, just incase your dog barks, your phone rings, kids come running in or you break wind - no one else will hear!

Do I need to bring equipment to class?

A mat is ideal, but not essential as you can practice on any floor, but a mat gives better cushioning and friction. Bring a blanket to class (and a block if you have one) as we may use those.

Do I need technical experience?

Not really, but you do need to be able to get onto the internet and ideally with a screen camera so that I can see you, otherwise you’ll be able to see me but I won’t see you.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Pre requisite of joining the online LIVE classes with me, from my home are a PC, MAC, iPad or Android, ideally with built in camera and a space with minimal distraction for 30-45mins.

I want to join but can’t afford it at the moment.

Please get in touch with me, together we’ll work something out so you can still join in. I’d rather you do that than you not be able to benefit. 

How does Zoom work, I’ve never used it before?

Follow my instructions above after watching this tutorial:

Zoom Tutorial:
For first time users, please refer to this link to learn more about our web conferencing software: