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Rebecca Edwards 

Both Pilates and Yoga have brought about life changing experiences for me.  

I have studied and practiced Yoga for many years at home, in India, Thailand, Morocco, America, England and continue to develop through daily Yoga practice, ongoing guidance and training with teachers, readings and understanding of how to integrate Yoga as a way of living.

Yoga opens you to a way of living that brings everything needed to keep a well balanced life for mind, body and spirit.  It encourages the peacefulness within to emerge and challenges thinking, learning and development in life.  I share my Yoga experience in class and hope that those who come to class continue their journey in Yoga through their own discovery and experiences.

Pilates compliments the practice of Yoga as another technique for keeping healthy, strong and well balanced. The preciseness involved in Pilates builds a very thorough understanding of the body and breathing which helps in elements of Yoga too.

I have over 20 years class teaching experience but my involvement started from early adulthood. From an early age I have had a keen interest in matters of health and wellbeing and have followed this passion through life. 

I continue to attend workshops and courses to further develop my knowledge and abilities as a teacher and practitioner. I hope to be able to show you how Pilates and Yoga can work not only to help make you fitter, but also to help you become more inwardly aware of your body, mental and emotional stability for day to day life.

"I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 9 years but studying with Rebecca (which I have been doing both on a one-to-one basis and in class for the past 2 years) has renewed my interest, enthusiasm and love for yoga to the point where I'd now feel lost without it in my life. Rebecca is a genuinely inspirational teacher with a passion for her subject which translates into her lessons. She not only has years of experience and a great breadth of knowledge but through her own (constant) self-development keeps her classes varied, interesting and fun! I can't recommend her highly enough."

Kirsty Tomlinson