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The 8 Pilates Principles

While the principles may sound abstract, in terms of Pilates their integration helps achieve balance, grace and fluidity. These eight Pilates fundamentals are:

Breathing - We aim to achieve lateral thoracic breathing during Pilates, which encourages a deep 'width ways' breath.  The breath is used to facilitate the flow of the exercise.

Relaxation - The aim is to release tension from the body, relaxing yourself through a movement with ease and fluidity.

Control - It is very important with each exercise to maintain controlled with the movement, working within your capabilities is important to maintain and build control and co-ordination.

Centering - All movement comes from a strong centre or 'core' (made up of the Transversus Abdominis, Lumbar Multifidus and Pelvic Floor muscles) and every Pilates exercise is controlled by the contraction of this core.

Flowing Movement - Pilates exercises are performed in a continuous flowing motion.

Stamina - Repetition of the exercises and regular practice improve your ability and endurance.

Alignment - It is crucial to align the body correctly in Pilates exercises in order to perform the exercises safely and accurately.

Concentration - To achieve precise movement you must be aware of the body's movement, bringing the mind and body as one.