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Yoga in Cumbria, Windermere, Kendal and Staveley

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Hatha Yoga helps you develop strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, whilst teaching you to breath properly and cleanse the mind and body to lead you to discover a more centred way of being. A key part to human happiness is to have a healthy body, and a healthy body is a good home to a healthy mental state.  It is thus that we practice Yoga postures with the assistance of proper breath (Asana and Pranayama) to help tone and nourish the physical, emotional and energetic body.

Yoga can become a way of living and on taking up Yoga in it’s broader sense, there are many elements to the practice.  However a good starting point is to develop good physical and mental health. Many find the turmoil of life and fast pace in which we live can lead us to harbour anxieties, stresses, frustrations, exhaustion and general poor mental and physical health.  Yoga can offer many powerful techniques to help us deal better with these circumstances.

Whether you are interested in personal or spiritual growth or whether you simply want to learn ways to effectively stretch the body and relieve tension. Regardless of what your reasons for practicing Yoga are, if you find some benefit then it's a good reason to do it.

"Yoga has opened my eyes to the wider potential, clearer thinking and a calmness I didnt know I could achieve."

Thomas Winsor

"Rebecca is a wonderful teacher, I have been going to her classes for over a year now and always feel better after classes both physically and mentally. Whatever your ability in yoga you are always made to feel welcome, as a beginner I always felt encouraged and never felt out of depth with more advanced students in the class.  So glad I started and will definitely continue. I am feeling the benefits and I’m gradually improving with practice. I would encourage every one to give it a go whatever your age, stage or ability."

Louisa Balaclough